About Us

At 2253 Apparel Group, we’re powered by an exceptional team of design and merchandising talent, committed to delivering unique, cutting-edge and sustainable product to every market segment. Our growing suite of brands, which include Celebrity Pink, Liverpool Los Angeles, Roxy, and others, is complimented by a thriving private label division. Partnering with 2253 Apparel Group means gaining access to our expertise, creativity, and established market presence, positioning your brand for success.

Strategic Priorities

To ensure long-term profitability for our brands, we prioritize: 

  • Providing cutting-edge, unique, high-quality apparel. 
  • Upholding the highest standards in sustainability & social compliance.
  • Expanding our brand portfolio through ownership and licensing.
  • Offering flexibility across all retail sales channels. 
  • Continue to grow our private label division.

The Foundations

  • Quality Assurance: We are committed to embracing the newest technology in this area, and maintain a Quality Assurance office in each of our manufacturing countries. 
  • Sustainable Manufacturing: We support the industry-wide commitment to do better for our plant, and constantly invest in finding new ways to incorporate recycled and eco-friendly fibers into our products. 
  • Social Responsibility & Compliance: We hold every employee and factory we partner with to the highest social responsibility standards, auditing our partners each quarter to ensure that they remain compliant season after season. 
  • Yarn, Fabric, & Wash Development: Our unmatched expertise in denim, raw material and wash development ensure that we continue to provide top-tier quality & comfort. 
  • Planning & Production: As a data-driven company, we offer extensive analytics, replenishment and strategic planning services to all of our retail partners.


Our exceptional team is: 

  • Passionate about delivering top-quality apparel. 
  • Committed to worldwide sustainability & social compliance.
  • Entrepreneurial & creative in our approach.
  • Adaptable & agile in our execution.



We have a network of strong, influential partnerships across every industry sector. Our diverse supply network ensures unmatched end-to-end service.


Through our global partnerships, we are able to tap into a wide range of talent and expertise to create high-quality, sustainable, and socially responsible apparel.


Explore acquisitions and pivotal milestones that expanded 2253 Apparel Group’s capabilities below.