Private Labels

Our private label division is dedicated to innovative designs with a sharp focus on product development, technical precision, and a passion for the manufacturing process. We specialize in a wide range of fabrics, including denim, twill, tencel, and ponte, across various categories such as bottoms, shorts, jackets, tops, dresses, and skirts. Our commitment to innovation extends to fabric technologies, wash techniques, and advanced fit solutions is the reason our company continues to grow and evolve.


Design, Sourcing, and Development Solutions: 

At 2253 Private Label Division, we maintain an unwavering focus on product development and technical fit, consistently delivering innovative, cost-effective designs spanning a wide range of apparel categories, including juniors, contemporary, plus sizes, girls, and men's.

Global Manufacturing Expertise: 

Strategically positioned offices in China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan enable us to provide comprehensive support for the product development and quality assurance needs of our Private Label partners. We have long-standing partnerships with factory owners in each region, and our HQ team is regularly on-site to manage production and development effectively. We offer flexible FOB and DDP models, in addition to an array of domestic shipping services facilitated from our Southern California warehouse.

Commitment to Excellence: 

Our dedication extends to designing, sourcing, and manufacturing premium denim that incorporates cutting-edge fabric innovations, advanced wash technologies, and superior fit solutions, catering to diverse market segments and price points. Additionally, we are at the forefront of championing sustainable manufacturing practices within the mass market, striving to create a significant, positive impact on our planet.